Fireplace Wall Ideas with TV

A tv wall is interesting on its own. It is the place where the family gathers and share moments such as watching a movie or a football match ,chatting while watching something interesting. You can enjoy beautiful moments watching TV ,but not only that because the design of the TV wall is so nice and well combined, its peaceful colors.

Here we have a shiny  gray tile tv wall with the fireplace at the bottom of the tv. It is a fireplace with glass where you can admire the flames and its color. You can also enjoy the warmth of the  atmosphere there. On the sides of the fireplace there are spacious shelves in which you can store books or a decoration of your choice. There is also place for a picture on the wall to add elegance to the place.

There is this model with two colors combined to give the contrast to the room. We have one side light grey and the other side dark grey .The Tv is in the middle right above the fireplace. What is so special here is that the fireplace is open without any glass or other material. There is space for you to put any decorations or photos of your choice. The part of the fireplace has no legs, It gives the idea that it is standing in the air.

This model has another construction where the TV is in the left and the fireplace is in the right. The TV is placed on a light blue wall page. It has the same color with the closed shelves which are used to hold books or other things. They are wooden shelves given that color to combine with the wall. You can put a vase of flowers on them .On the right there is a black fireplace with a glass to keep you warm and it stays clean without the ash to come outside. The fireplace is in a white wall page .Below the fireplace there is a brown with white strips marble block to add warmth to the place.

Here it is another type of fireplace with a big resin wall material .It is a mixed color light grey and dark grey. Below this six square resins blocks there is the fireplace in the middle. On the sides it is black while in the middle it is a transparent glass from where you can see the wood burning and the flames. At the bottom the wall is made of  small grey tiles .This kind of wall continues even on the sides of the whole fireplace to give you the idea of continuity. There is place to put the woods you have chopped.

Light grey or dark grey doesn’t matter. It is the color in fashion this year for fireplace walls with TV. Here we have a wall page made of resin material. It is dark grey with some shadows of light grey in it to make more attractive. In the center there is a black TV .Below the TV there is a rectangular fireplace. It has a black frame and in the middle it is like the color of wood. The flames look  so shiny from the glass of the fireplace. Then at the end there is a strong material holder for you to put something decorative, a vase of flowers or souvenirs from different places you have visited.

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